What’s your Game Plan for Football Fever?

Could it be… just maybe… that football’s coming home? Well if it is, come Thursday, UK employers might just find their employees staying home too. According to the red tops, “MILLIONS” of fans could be calling in sick with barely disguised Footy Fever, costing UK employers a small fortune. Hangovers, late arrivals or simply never arriving at all, are all on the cards. But rather than handing out yellow cards, there is another way to manage absenteeism or last minute roster changes in your business. Flexible working is the answer to handling late starters, earlier finishers, shift swappers, and those most successful negotiators who’ve pledged to make up missed time, sometime after hours.

Don’t be caught ball watching
Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Sesui Flexible Working Solutions gives your employees the freedom to work anywhere, at anytime – with your core business hours always covered. Our award-winning software puts your communications systems into the cloud so that your employees can deliver the same level of service or productivity from home. Every voice or video call, email and text message comes through your own secure, virtual contact centre, accessed through any device. Your team have full control to hold and transfer calls or take part in three-way conversations, as well as the ability to integrate customer contact back into your CRM system, or to remotely access your customer directory. And it all happens as though they were sat at the desk across the corridor. And when Fan Flu strikes (and it will), you can pull in and connect a remote workforce to make up the shortfall.

Boss the game
As for your managers, our Sesui Supervisor service helps them to manage the team as though they were all in the same building. The real time statistics give them sight of the big picture with up to the second live reports so they can not only better support your agents or employees working remotely, but they can quickly manage customer call flows. The management reports mean you can see what’s happening with your team on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. No surprises and definitely no shirking of responsibility!

It’s time to park the bus
And the upshot of all of this, is that you can actually start to run your business in a more 24/7 way, providing access to specialist agents or employees outside regular office hours and without needing to tie them down to an office or call centre. This sort of on-demand culture is where the world is headed… what better time to get started.

So as we build up to full fever pitch, balance your productivity with patriotism and give us a call 03445 600 600. We’re Sesui. We make vital connections. And importantly… Woah England’s going all the way!

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