A Single Communication Platform

We bring the team together. Every office, shop, support centre, volunteer and field worker. And we do it in the cloud.

We float Sesui Call Manager above your phone systems, providing a single point of entry into your organisation, so you can quickly connect callers with the most appropriate person, wherever their location, or whatever their device.

No Call Unanswered

You never know if the next call into your organisation is that vital call for help, so it’s essential that no call is left unanswered.

With Sesui, all calls are received in our cloud. Callers never hear an engaged tone – every call gets through. We can help you determine the nature of the call, prioritise it, and ensure it’s quickly connected to a person who can help.

Staying Connected

By raising your communications capability into the Sesui cloud, we remove the boundaries of physical locations. We connect calls remotely, just as easily as we send them to the office.

It allows your organisation to work more efficiently, to maximise the full power of your extended network, and importantly, to ensure everyone stays connected.

Free Consultation

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