Critical Call Handling

With Sesui Support Connect, every call is answered in the cloud, so there’s never an engaged tone; never a missed call.

Our simple menu options help to quickly categorise the reason for the call to your helpline, so it can be prioritised and flagged to the right person to connect the caller, based on skills, availability and any previous relationship.

Anywhere Working

You depend on volunteers, giving an hour or two of their time to be there when people need them most.

We can help, by giving volunteers all of the capabilities to handle calls from work, or from home.

Remote volunteers can also instant message colleagues if they need help, or if they’d like a specialist to listen in on, or join a call.

Ensuring Every Call Is Tracked

We can help you keep track of every interaction – calls coming in going out. It not only gives you visibility of the demands on your service, but it ensures all of your records are joined-up

Where appropriate, we can also record calls so that critical conversations are securely captured and retained.

Free Consultation

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