Fixed line ISDN is dead

Traditionally, telephony has been locally managed, requiring the maintenance, configuration and management of a physical box (PBX) at every site, with sites connected via ISDN lines

With BT closing the traditional telephone network ISDN lines and related services are being replaced by flexible VoIP Cloud telephony solutions allowing:

  • Flexible working for staff, working on-site, at home or remote locations
  • Remove all physical equipment on site and call records/recordings – de-risking the site facility for GDPR, Compliance and Data Protection
  • Allow staff to use either Softphone applications and/or VoIP handsets
  • Use your existing Microsoft Teams application to allow staff to make and receive calls from anyone
  • Call recording available as required
  • Centralised cost control – no remote / home user cost

We’ve made the service simple to deploy:

1.Work with a Sesui Service Manager to configure unique call routing and queuing plans in the Sesui Cloud Call Manager,

2.Connect the Sesui Cloud to your organisation through a dedicated broadband connection,

3.Use Sesui softphones or plug-in our pre-configured CISCO VoIP handsets


Allow Sesui Call Manager to help you migrate your whole estate

1. New and established full VoIP cloud sites
Able to tap into resources across the organisation

2. Old world PBX set up accommodated
– Creates virtual network between sites.

3.Remote worker resources given more freedom
– Staff can be based anywhere including client locations.

4.Home-working staff
– Employees can be based from home or revert there in Disaster Recovery.

5.HQ admin centre
– Centralised location that can be mirrored remotely.
– Connects to all sites and locations for simple communication and tracking.

6.Connect to mobile
– Any worker anywhere

The way we work has changed forever

As how and where we work has been transformed by COVID-19 there is a need to join together how staff communicate with each other and with clients. The benefits of joining up your team with the Sesui VoIP Cloud enables you to work flexibly and remotely with the control of knowing who’s doing what.

With greater demands being placed on organisations, a shift to a flexible VoIP Cloud telephony solution will:

Allows smart routing of callers to the right staff wherever they may be working – best seen in routing sales or technical support calls to specialist teams using voice or video.

Single source of reporting showing Real-time Call Stats and simple to access historical reporting – critical for managing peak demand and team performance reviews.

Extend the organisations employment reach allowing staff to be connected to other staff members and clients from anywhere in the UK.

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