Sesui Announces Virtual “Live Audit” feature

Non-clinical and clinical staff have a need to function effectively in a ”work from anywhere” operation, a standard requirement across post COVID healthcare operations.
Remote based call handlers and clinical staff are required to have calls audited, this can now be done using the virtual “Live Audit” feature, with the auditing staff being located either on-site or remotely to run the audit.

The goal of the feature is to emulate the on-site experience of the audit team in sitting next to a call handler/clinician and listening into calls or in the review of recorded calls.
The Sesui virtual ”Live Audit” allows:
– The Audit team to request the live in-call auditing of any Call Handler or clinician from a Sesui license.
– The Call Handler then selects the “Live Audit” button at the start of the next call.
– The Auditor is notified to /join the call in “Call Monitor” mode, the auditor can hear but can’t speak within the call.
– The Auditor can text message the Call Handler in call if required.

Read more about the Audit feature in our overview guide:
Overview guide

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