Video service updates make remote consultations even easier

We are happy to announce that the service improvements to our video service have now launched and users will now see these changes in your operation. We have tested, checked and monitoring the improvements and everything has launched as expected.

The basic functionality of the service has not changed but we have updated how the clinician and the patient go through the setup of a call to make it clearer and simpler to perform a successful consultation

The links below take you to some video and document uses guides for the updated service. A summary of the key changes are:

  1. Clearer communication to the clinician when they start a video call if they need to be on a phone triage at the same time or not.
  2. Notification to the clinician while they are waiting for the patient to connect to the call.
  3. Update to icons on the screen that will appear/disappear when the clinician moves their mouse.
  4. Clearer notification to the patient that the audio element of the consultation will be recorded.
  5. Assistance for patients when joining or leaving a consultation.
  6. A redesign of the patient screen giving a larger screen area to see the clinician when on a two-way call.

Links to Sesui Video Resources:

Our aim of the update was not to fundamentally change the service but to provide a simpler experience for both clinician and patient, to improve the number of successful video consultations. We hope clients will see this in their operation.

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