Update – Sesui Pandemic plan

A week is a long time in a crisis and so we wanted to give you our second weekly update to provide:

  • reassurance on the continuity of service to our clients and our people
  • and that all our plans and activities are fully aligned with the advice being communicated by the UK Government.

We believe it is important you see that we are in no way being complacent about our clients, our people and our systems, making decisions almost daily in response to changing Government guidelines and client needs. Since our last communication we have:

  • Executed on our decision to home base all our people which has not introduced any operational issues.
  • With Government advice to work from home where possible, we continue to monitor any impact on our systems where clients transfer from office-based to home-based operations – our capacity management processes ensure we monitor the changes to our systems / service flows and take proactive action should it become necessary.
  • CLIENT REQUEST – Moving to home working? – if you are planning to move from your current mode of operation to home based working, please let us know so we can factor this into our operational model before it happens.
  • We check daily on the health of our people and cover any operational impacts from the previous 24-hours.  I am happy to say, at this time, no Sesui employee has been directly or indirectly impacted by the virus.  However, we continue to be vigilant and maintain our proactive employee hygiene and safety advice.
  • We have received positive feedback from all our suppliers/partners – they have shared with us their own plans for the pandemic and we have confidence they are well placed to keep us and everyone they serve fully operational whether office or home-based.
  • We have taken note of the latest BT/Openreach advice and should we need to support faults or outages that relate to infrastructure we have provided, we will ensure any clients affected know the restrictions currently in place should premise attendance be required by BT/Openreach engineering staff.
  • Finally, you might be interested to know that in the first half of March 2020 we have handled as many calls as the whole of March 2019. We’ve achieved this not by stretching our network to capacity but through staying ahead of the curve and preparing for what may come at us next.

Please let us know if you any have specific concerns and provide your service lead any plans for future home working.

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