Update – Sesui Pandemic plan – 5 May

Week 8 – Sesui pandemic planning update. Our continued focus is on:

  • Maintaining our services, ensuring our clients and staff are protected and that all our plans and activities are fully aligned with the advice being communicated by the UK Government.
  • We believe it is important you understand that we are making decisions daily in response to changing Government guidelines and client needs.

Update since our last communication:

Service information:

  • The Sesui service continues to perform as expected with no major service interruptions.
  • As of today no Sesui staff have been directly affected by the virus. The team continue to work from home, following the government’s social distancing guidance.
  • Sesui services have been identified in the ‘critical and essential’ category by the UK Government, ensuring health providers – 111, Urgent Care, GPs etc. – continue to operate.
  • New – enhanced feature for all clients using the Sesui Video Consultation service allowing one-way, patient only video. Helping GPs/staff with a PC/Laptop with no camera/microphone or have bandwidth limitations using VPN.

Suppliers Update

  • BT Openreach – All work remains subject to resource and skills availability and will follow the shared priority principles where / if needed. Openreach reporting more staff returning to work after self-isolation

Client Requests

  • May Bank Holiday Changes –please remember the upcoming Bank Holidays this Friday and on Monday 25th May. Update the Sesui service team if you have any changes required in your call plans to cover this period. Contact support@sesui.com
  • Moving to home working? – if you are planning to move from your current mode of operation to home based working, please let us know so we can factor this into our operational model before it happens. Contact support@sesui.com

Please let us know if you any have specific concerns or if there are any other organisations you would recommend or like us to help at this time.

Call us: 03445 600 600