Happy Agents = Happy Customers

To us, it is not just about empowering agents, it is about making them happy. We do this by removing the complexity of taking, making and logging calls. We make it intuitive so agents can focus 100% on the customer interaction.

We make communications a seamless part of the desktop, fully integrated into your customer management and reservation systems, to automatically present the agent with all the information they need to answer customer enquiries and personalise conversations.

Visibility & Agility

Understanding the pressures on your systems and on your staff are critical to efficient contact centre management and to effectively support your teams, wherever they might be.

With Sesui, you gain real-time visibility of the demands on your operation, and of your agents’ activity, whether they’re in the same building, working from home, or another remote contact centre. You can see when wait times or call durations are increasing, drill down on the detail, and pluck individual calls and listen to them to understand why. You can then respond, by adjusting queue announcements, and rebalancing call distribution and resources.

Free Consultation

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