When Travel Is Complicated

Travel is changing. The boundaries between business and leisure are blurring, while holiday-makers are increasingly looking for a unique holiday experience with the convenience of a package deal. More often than not, meeting these expectations requires a conversation with a booking agent to ensure transfers are smooth, reservations are correct and stress is taken out of the equation. We help make these vital connections happen, so your agents can provide the high levels of service your customers expect on every call. We do this by lifting your communications into the cloud – without the need to replace the systems you already have. And we make them work in a way that overcomes departmental or geographical barriers, while better aligning to what customers want.

A Single Starting Point
For The Customer Experience

All customer interactions, whether a call, email or SMS, are received in the Sesui cloud. This gives you the ability to define exactly how service is delivered. Customer needs can be determined by the number they dialled, the number they’re calling from, or by using intuitive menus. This allows you to prioritise based on need or service agreements, and to accurately pass the call to the right person or team, first time, regardless of where they’re located, or the system they’re using.

Free Consultation

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Understanding The Customer Journey

The dynamic nature of travel, means that it’s not always possible to get a clear picture of demand, and how well you’re meeting customer needs.

We give you real-time visibility of the demands on your operation, and how well you’re responding to them. You see every customer interaction, how quickly they’re responded to and the end-to-end customer journey. You can respond to the extraordinary as it happens, and gain insight into the root causes of customer frustrations.

Adding The Personal Touch

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