A Single Conversation

Today’s customers flip between media to interact with businesses, and they expect those businesses to be able to connect the dots.

By handling all interaction types in one solution, Sesui Multi-Channel Connect not only shows all of the dots, but can ensure they’re connected during each and every interaction with the customer. Conversations can traverse different media and progress through the best channels to provide the responsiveness customers need.

A Consistent Service Across Channels

When a customer needs your help, they expect the same speed of response and service, regardless of whether they call, email or text you.

We enable you to service customers through a single queue that brings all of the communication channels together. It means you can prioritise based on customer need rather than the communications channel.

Case Study – Corporate Travel Management

Find out how we've helped Corporate Travel Management empower their agents and meet stringent SLAs.

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The Digital Experience

With Sesui Multi-Channel Connect, travel providers can accelerate their digital journey and connect the customer experience across self-service and agent-assisted services.

We help you embrace digital channels for self-service, while always being there when your customers want to call.

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