Delivering 24×7 Emergency Services

Being there for your customers when they need you most, requires a responsive and effective service around the clock.

We help travel companies provide this in a way that not only meets the needs of their customers, but their business too. This could be a 24×7 team operating from a centre, an on-call team working remotely or at home, or a combination of the two. With Sesui Home Worker Connect you can deliver standout customer service from any location, at any time, using any device.

Managing Peaks In Demand

Whether it’s seasonal peaks in demand, or typical weekly surges, with Sesui Home Worker Connect, you can flex your workforce to meet demand.

Removing the need for colleagues to come into a physical centre, and instead allowing them to work from home, provides more options for flexible staffing and shift patterns. Peak hours can be supplemented with part-time, home-based workers, and seasonal demands can be met by extending the virtual team beyond the contact centre.

Case Study – Corporate Travel Management

Find out how we've helped Corporate Travel Management empower their agents and meet stringent SLAs.

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Responding To The Unexpected

Whether it’s an ash cloud or an air traffic controller strike, travel companies always have to expect the unexpected, and still be there for their customers.

When the unexpected happens, Sesui Call Manager for Travel gives you the on-demand capacity to cope, while Sesui Home Worker Connect gives you the freedom to pull in additional team members from home, or other locations.

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