Technology and working practice demands force GPs to merge and scale

Female doctor with laptop working at the office desk

GP surgery closures across the UK have reached an all-time high, affecting an estimated half a million patients last year.(Pulse). 138 doctors’ premises shut in 2018. Those serving 5,000 or fewer patients – were the worst affected in 2018, accounting for 86% of closures.

Two things are driving the change

  1. The demands of digitisation are forcing GP surgeries to close or merge. It is not cost effective to implement systems required to manage patient information and the patient experience on a single site location. Practice managers have to do a huge amount of work overseeing surgery costs including phone systems, clinical systems, administrative functions and more.
  2. Seeing your doctor is often not a one-off event anymore especially if you have a complex condition; it’s an ongoing conversation involving results, specialists and your own opinion. For this to be effective GPs need to use the latest technology to make best use of everyone’s time – in particular travel time.

This is not bad news for patients – GPs are using technology to move to flexible models of care; by phone, by video and out of hours; sharing information seamlessly across platforms, services and locations. This means that services will return to being personalised for patients but with the enormous benefit of using their data to help improve their health outcomes more quickly and effectively.

Telephone is still the primary method of communication with a typical surgery group receiving over 20,000 calls a month. The frustrations of traditional telephony are still part of the modern day NHS, including

  • Being held in a queue with no knowledge of when your call will be answered
  • Engaged tones
  • GPs not being able to dial out
  • Staff not being able to work from any location


Telephony from Sesui can deliver the benefits to improve patient experience:

  1. Managing demand at peak times; typically from 8-10am
  2. Relieving stress on the surgery staff by flattening out demand
  3. Offer true flexible working to all staff, day to day or as disaster recovery.


At Sesui our call centre approach to cloud telephony for GPs means you can do all of these things. We help report, measure and improve the patient experience. Having an existing mix of suppliers across locations needn’t hold you back. At Sesui we understand that you’ll have different suppliers, with different contracts, we can work with all of them by floating the Sesui Cloud over existing services.

Sesui have been supplying cloud telephony to healthcare and urgent care providers in the NHS for over 15 years. Our clients value us because you don’t have to be a telephony expert to work with us – we keep things simple, bespoke where required, and our client list, including Fed Bucks, LCW and Local Care Direct, shows we get it right.


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