Our Special Report – what the experts say…

Our Special Report on ‘Flexible Working for a 24/7 NHS’ is flying off the virtual shelf thanks to endorsements from across UK healthcare, as well as coverage in the press.

You can download your copy for free at www.sesui.com/healthcare where the experts lend their view on how remote working through the cloud could help tackle pressures on GPs and clinicians. There are real world examples from GP practices, 111 providers, and GP-led federations on how the cloud is empowering their clinical workforce to manage the load.

Dr Simon Abrams, Chair of Urgent Health UK said: “I recommend colleagues across primary and urgent care spend some time exploring the report findings. It resonated with my views on how technology can make a difference in the NHS, especially now when we need it most. The report goes into detail on how cloud technology can help urgent care providers meet the NHS Five Year View for integrated urgent care. I found its focus on home working and the governance of secure connections, as well as access to records and voice recordings, admirable. And the thinking around designing systems that match the national and international changes to the way ordinary people connect with new technology is something we should all be considering.”

While Mr Ian Sharp, CEO of the Digital Health Enterprise (DHEZ) added: “We believe that we’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to digital health innovations. To that point it’s been inspiring to read Sesui’s Special Report into ‘Flexible working for a 24/7 NHS’ and to explore how cloud communications can bring about an important step-change in managing pressures across the system. It’s a must read for any clinician wanting to take back control and deliver even better patient care. We’re certainly recommending the report to our network of health professionals, researchers and businesses so that together we can bring about real and lasting change in the NHS.”

Over in the press, Digital Health Age and Digital Health picked up on our research that shows 43% of doctors said remote working would ultimately allow them to spend longer with their patients, while 48% said being able to take patient calls outside of the office would lead to more personalised care. See the report for the full results or take a peek at our infographic for the headlines.

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