Sesui welcomes two new team members

We’re delighted to welcome two new members to the growing Sesui Team. 

Antony Jackson and Glen Monks will both play important roles in ensuring that Sesui’s service to clients continues to improve and evolve in terms of quality and new integrations. Let’s meet Antony and Glen:


Name: Antony Jackson

Role: System Administrator

Why this is important to Sesui: Antony will play a key role within Sesui to ensure the network maintains the availability and quality our client base demands. The delivery of this helps Sesui achieve certification such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.     

Why we are looking forward to working with them: Antony brings an abundance of experience across platforms and systems used in the industry and will be invaluable in helping Sesui to continue to improve our network and the services we offer. We are particularly excited about Antony’s experience being able to help Sesui expand into public cloud services and offerings.

How our clients and partners will see the benefit: Antony will help us improve on our already high quality network, and bring in new services:  With Antony’s skillset we aim to provide our clients with new ways to interact with our services and increase our flexibility to work with clients in the ever-changing environment we operate in.


Name: Glen Monks

Role: Platform Architect

Why this is important to Sesui: Glen will play an important role in developing Sesui’s services portfolio and expanding our integrations and interoperability with other third party systems. The outcome of this will help enrich caller experiences for both our clients and their customers.

Why we are looking forward to working with them:  Glen has worked with us for a number of years in different guises and we are excited to finally have him on board to help Sesui fulfil its vision for the future of the platform.

How our clients and partners will see the benefit:  Glen’s skills and experience will help us improve the client’s user experience of our services, further developing our interoperability with leading third party systems, increasing the speed at which we can react and deliver customer requests.

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