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Gaining operational efficiencies through modern telephony

Urgent health and out of hours services are under increasing pressure to balance the achievement of year-on-year efficiency savings, with the ability to attract and retain a talented workforce happy with a career outside sociable hours. It’s a tall order that has culminated in some negative press for some services of late; change is therefore inevitable, but is it an obligation or an opportunity?

That was the theme underpinning this year’s Urgent Health UK annual conference, which focussed on the management of change and how it can be capitalised on. As a leading event sponsor, Sesui led a breakout session on the topic, entitled: ‘Gaining operational efficiencies through modern telephony’. Mark Cockerton, Interim Consultant to NHS and Urgent Care Providers, and Non-Executive Director at Sesui, chaired the talk, introducing his personal experiences on how cloud telephony can help with the challenges of:

  • recruiting and retaining GPs
  • matching clinical and non-clinical capacity to demand
  • integrating communications and sharing resources between services
  • providing real-time statistics and reporting, to better manage the operation and meet NQR requirements

Julian Sammells, Head of Sales at Sesui, explained the practical benefits of telephony in the Cloud, including its easy scalability, reliable service and the flexibility to overlay services without the need to rip and replace existing telephone systems. Commenting on the event, Julian said: “We had a great turn out to our breakout session, which attracted almost a quarter of the 70-plus industry CEOs, COOs, doctors and clinicians in attendance. It was a great opportunity to discuss pressing matters in a relaxed environment.

uhuk-stands-2016“There was an incredibly positive attitude towards tackling the challenges facing urgent health and out of hours services head on, and a genuine enthusiasm for the possibilities offered by modern telephony, which for the majority in the room had previously been unknown. One delegate even commented that if the information from our talk was the only thing he took away from the event, then the whole thing was well worth attending.”

This year’s Urgent Health UK annual conference took place on 18-19 October at the St Johns Hotel, Solihull. If you were unable to attend but are interested in how modern telephony can gain operational efficiencies for out of hours services, call us on 03445 600 600 or tweet us @Sesui_Ltd.

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