Sesui Pandemic Plan – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

16 March, 2020 – As a client of Sesui we wanted to update you on our plans during the current pandemic and in doing so, provide some reassurance about our commitment to our clients, the continuity of the services we provide to them, and our people and that all our plans and activities are fully aligned with the advice being communicated by the UK Government.

As seen in many organisations, we have invoked our Pandemic Plan, which sits within our overall Business Continuity Plan. As of Monday 16 March 2020 we have taken the decision to base all Sesui personnel from home. Our people utilise the very same applications and systems used by our clients, so they are able to carry out 100% of their work whilst home based. Our system management layer already allows us to monitor our networks, datacentres and system hardware / software remotely and support personnel can continue to receive notifications and alerts irrespective of their working location.

The phone numbers and email addresses you use to contact us remain unchanged. We will monitor the situation as it evolves and of course, react whenever necessary to updated advice from the UK Government.

We are using our phone conferencing or video services for all non-essential meetings – client, internal and supplier / partner meetings. We regularly communicate, to our employees, updated hygiene advice and we have also restricted all non-essential business related travel using telephone conferencing or video where possible. We continue to liaise with our suppliers and partners to understand their plans, which as you would expect are changing almost daily. We have also implemented a change freeze for non-essential work across all Sesui systems, although we recognise and will fully support necessary changes required by our clients due to the direct impact of the current pandemic on their business operations.

Particularly at this time our customer support team are a significant and important point of contact for our clients. We have plans to add additional resources to the team should the need arise from either the volume of contacts, or, should any team member suffer directly from the virus and become unable to work. Our priority is to get your call or email answered so that we can advise on or resolve any issues you may be experiencing. However, we would ask for your understanding if your contact is answered by a Sesui employee who is not normally part of the technical team. They will take your details, the reasons for your contact and if able, resolve your issue at point of contact. Otherwise, they will log the details with our technical team who will contact you as soon as possible.

We monitor our people, our suppliers / partners and our systems regularly through each day and whilst restrictions are in place we remain flexible so that we can react to any significant changes in advice. We will, of course, keep you updated if the situation changes or we receive significantly different advice from the UK Government. For most, realisation has now arrived that we are only at the start of a very long journey. At Sesui we are fully committed to working with our clients to get us all through this difficult period, whilst ensuring we fully execute our duty of care for our employees and any other members of the public with whom we may interact during our business activities.

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