Sesui launch automated vaccination messaging service

With the national roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations gathering pace, there is a recognised need across primary care for an effective, scalable means of notifying and reminding patients of their appointments, both in order to ensure vulnerable groups get the inoculations they require but also to mitigate against the significant potential cost and administrative drain of missed appointments.

In less demanding times, the role of booking and following up on patient appointments often falls to practice reception teams, calling or using a simple text tool to notify small numbers of patients.  But with an average Primary Care Network (PCN) needing to set up more than 100,000 vaccination appointments  this is clearly not a scalable solution.

Sesui have developed a cost-effective, scalable means of contacting patients in large numbers: Using automated voice messaging is an efficient way to engage with the many thousands of patients needing to be reached, enabling care providers to automate appointment setting, and giving patients an easy means of accepting or changing that appointment by call-back or text.

Why voice messaging?

Experience suggests that more low-tech the method of communication the more likely you are to connect with different types of patient.  Communicating via a voice message, using a recognised or local number means that patients can receive – and respond to – appointment notifications.

That means  better engagement from patients across the board, resulting in less missed appointments and greater ability to ensure priority groups are vaccinated efficiently.


Click here for more detail about how Sesui’s automated service can help you roll out and monitor vaccination appointments across your PCN, or contact our clinical director Wayne Llewellyn at / 03445 605 607


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