Sesui host video interview panel showcasing digital transformation in NHS Urgent Care

As part of our involvement with the Health+Care online Healthcare event on February 24th-25th, Sesui hosted a ‘Case Study’ video panel discussion on Fylde-based healthcare provider, FCMS’ transition to remote working which has been facilitated by Sesui and our technology partner DocAbode.

During this 25 minute discussion, we were joined by Digital Health Specialist, Sam Shah, Head of Digital Transformation at FCMS, Liam Mahon, and CEO & Founder of our Technology Partner Doc Abode, Taz Aldawoud for a debate which shone a light on a number of challenges to – and as many reasons to be optimistic about – digital transformation in the NHS.

The panel discussion was expertly chaired by broadcaster Emma Walden.

If you’d prefer to read a full transcript of the session, please click here to download a copy.

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