Sesui Health Advisory Board

Following an intense and hugely productive period of collaboration with our numerous healthcare clients, we are pleased to announce the appointment of the Sesui Heath Advisory Board, with the aim of examining how we can best meet the evolving needs of our clients and tailor our services for the future.

Offering a unique perspective, with a wealth of experience leading NHS digital transformation during the past decade, Sesui is delighted to welcome Sam Shah to the board. Sam is a clinician and was until recently the Director of Digital Development at NHSX, and has led numerous teams implementing change within urgent care. am explains more about why he wanted to collaborate with Sesui here.

Mark Cockerton will also lend his vast knowledge and expertise to the board, and work to help Sesui in identifying and meeting the challenges facing healthcare providers. Mark has been at the forefront of delivering out of hours services as Chief Executive at three urgent care providers, and has more than 40 years of experience working in the NHS.

Having worked with Sesui for several years, Mark told us what he thought of Sesui’s response to Covid 19:

I was so impressed that Sesui decided to initially focus on delivering an outstanding service to their existing clients and didn’t simply rush out to try to sell to new customers. Their approach has ensured that existing clients have received excellent customer support and Sesui has been able to react effectively to any changing demands. To be able to ensure hundreds of their users could quickly implement secure home working, video consultations, and introduce some brand new services has been a testament to Sesui’s robust technology and flexibility.


During the first meeting of the Sesui Health Advisory Board, Mark went on to outline how the huge rise in flexible working and the remarkably rapid adoption of phone and video consultation by patients during lockdown, has highlighted the importance of Sesui’s in-built performance management technology – something other services don’t always offer.

With clinicians working from anywhere, being able to monitor and record all calls and consultations, will be more important than ever before. The health service has moved very rapidly in the past two months, but there must be scrutiny of whether patients’ needs are still being met. This will ensure the continued adoption of digital services and subsequently help progress. Performance management technology also brings transparency – vital in ensuring cohesion in teams.

Sam Shah agrees, believing that the true long term adoption of digital solutions in healthcare will only become apparent post-Covid, with some reverting to traditional models once lockdown allows.

The future progression, and continued patient acceptance of this digital transformation will only be possible with good operators at its heart. Products and services must not only be well designed but they have to be needed and well used with people as the key focus.

By listening to those of us on their health advisory board and their customers Sesui can ensure that they do just that. They have shown they are adaptable and capable of designing bespoke offerings during this pandemic – qualities many healthcare providers should be looking for in any new partners – and it is this level of customer service that will be key going forward.

The first Sesui Health Advisory Board meeting is already solidifying approaches and fuelling great ideas for the Sesui team – something Head of Commercial Oli White is excited it will continue to provide:

Sam and Mark have such important insights and advice to offer and it is hugely beneficial to Sesui to now have them as part of our health advisory board. Working alongside them, our team can continue to shape our strategy going forward to ensure we provide the most relevant and required services to our healthcare clients and the wider healthcare community.

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