Sesui Customer Survey: Your feedback to Us

Here at Sesui we have always prided ourselves on consistently delivering high levels of customer service. However, we also recognise that ‘excellence’ is a constantly changing goal post and are therefore pleased to share the feedback we received in our most recent customer survey.

During May, we sent out email invitations to a number of you to participate in a review of the products and services we offer; why you chose to work with Sesui; your preferences for our future roadmap; and a rating of your Sesui experience and our overall customer service.

We welcome the investment that you took to complete this survey; responses that represented over 1/3rd of our customer base, including our biggest 10 customers. Interestingly, the feedback we received was an equal split between our public and private clients, with 50% of respondents representing the medical community.

The feedback has provided us with a clear view of things that we’re doing well, and must continue to excel in; as well as areas for improvement, in particular how clearly we communicate our product and service offering to you.

Those of you who represented commercial owners of the Sesui solution highlighted overwhelmingly (70%) that you selected Sesui’s Cloud Communication platform as the most ‘complete solution offering’ on the market.

As such, your input to the future direction of our product portfolio is of immeasurable value to us, with key areas of interest including wallboards; text messaging; and video telephony capabilities for our healthcare clients, and secure PCI DSS compliant card processing; conference services and IP telephony amongst private sector clients. Some of these we already offer and are currently delivering (please contact us for further info); some are in the process of being launched; and others we are already investigating to see how we can support you further, such as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice interface.

As far as your scoring of your experience with us and our customer support, we are thrilled with the vast majority as ‘excellent’ ratings, with only a few ‘good’. For those of you who requested further support in ‘training’ and in ‘new product communication’, these are aspects we will be addressing with you directly in coming weeks.

The survey has also provided us with the ability to introduce a new, industry recognised, benchmark that many of you will be familiar with: the Net Promoter Score (NPS). We are very proud to share that our overall NPS was 37, which means that compared to other B2B companies we sit well above average and in the top 25% of businesses. Moving forward, it is our aim to assess our own NPS against this initial benchmark, to ensure that we’re continually moving the needle in the right direction.

As Sesui continues to grow and invest in our product & solutions roadmap, it is our commitment to you to increase our levels of customer engagement and regular communication, to ensure that your voice is heard.

However, for now, we close with a few of those ‘voices’:

“Sesui always provides a solution regardless of what we ask for.”

“The team is great, I have seen it evolve from a small to now a bigger support structure.”

“I’m yet to find gaps in what they provide. Their flexibility has proved ideal for our purposes.”

“The customer support is excellent. Just keep doing that!”

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