Sesui CCaaS now integrates with MS Teams

The last 9 months have changed the way we at Sesui and many of the clients we support in delivering critical CCaaS solutions work. Collaboration tools Zoom and MS Teams have been adopted to overcome the de-centralised approach to work COVID has brought about.

The unique nature of the Sesui platform means that we are compatible with whatever connectivity, application or infrastructure our clients use. To make the most of this, from today (Monday 11 November) the Sesui CCaaS solution now integrates into Microsoft Teams. This means that if you already have Teams licences, Sesui can deliver calls directly to that application.

What’s the benefit of this? we think there are a number of positives:

    • Less to login to – Just login to MS Teams to make and receive all your calls
    • Security and governance- All calls can be logged, recorded and centrally reported
    • Everyone can contact you – Give out a regular 0203 number for contacts to reach you on, and your MS Teams app rings
    • Provides DR and supports flexible working – Any call into your organisations 0800, 0345 etc numbers can be routed to anyone, in any location

If you want to get the most out of your MS Teams licences, contact us to see how we can help you make vital connections.

Call us: 03445 600 600