Sesui and DocAbode unite to deliver new ways of working in the North West

Highly successful pilot for Sesui and Doc Abode as they join forces in a strategic partnership to introduce new ways of working through a new service launch to NHS patients in the North West and South Yorkshire.

As services designed to streamline communication, facilitate flexible working and revolutionise access to Urgent Care, Sesui and Doc Abode have long been compatible collaborators, and their combined capabilities are now benefiting thousands of patients served by Fylde Coast Medical Services (FCMS).

For FCMS’s Head of business transformation Liam Mahon, COVID-19 has been the catalyst for rapid change, with elements of his 12 month 2020 plan, including remote working and video triage, suddenly becoming a pressing need in the first quarter of the year:

“The pandemic and lockdown sent shockwaves through the health provision sector, and we have all had to reassess needs and respond rapidly. Sesui and Doc Abode allowed us to do that very easily. Our team and clinicians had never undertaken remote working before – this was going to be a big change, but the usability of Sesui’s interface meant it was easily and readily adopted.”

Within a few days Doc Abode and Sesui’s combined digital platform had facilitated flexible working for hundreds of health professionals providing clinical services for FCMS, none of whom had previously worked from home. Clinicians were able to easily carry out phone and video consultations, with a post-triage confirmation text feature further enhancing the offering. Feedback about the quality and simplicity of the video product has been entirely positive from both clinicians and patients.

Clinicians welcomed the ability to undertake a secure telephone call through the platform and when clinically indicated, convert this into a secure recorded video call. The added benefit is that the patient doesn’t require any bespoke software, only a front facing camera using their phone, iPad, laptop or PC.

Summarising the offering of other providers as incomparable to the comprehensive and flexible services of Sesui and Doc Abode, Liam Mahon describes the pilot as game-changing:

“This has been a massively transformational piece of work and this is how we see the future of service provision. Sesui and Doc Abode together solve a multitude of problems and this has been a fantastic project to be part of. The tech is first class, but with my background in systems management, it is this part of the solution that I am even more impressed with. Streamlined, efficient, patient-friendly – the socio-tech model they have designed and developed is brilliant, and their actioning of any bespoke amendments is impressively fast.”

Whilst COVID-19 has presented significant challenges for patients accessing healthcare, it has also exacerbated the underlying clinical staffing crisis in many regions – particularly in Urgent and Out of Hours care. Doc Abode has allowed FCMS to effectively tackle the problem of job management, with variable time blocks instead of full shifts available to clinicians, as well as individual calls requiring more specialized or language matching, allowing clinicians to work much more flexibly. Where FCMS previously struggled to fill OOHs rosters they are now fully booked up for the next three months.

Sesui and Doc Abode are delighted with the success of the project at FCMS and look forward to taking their strategic partnership forward to further benefit even more Integrated Urgent Health providers, Primary Care Networks and NHS hospital Trusts.




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