Special Report – Flexible Working In The NHS

The NHS is in a time of transition and GPs are the frontline of that change. Delivery of integrated urgent care is no longer rhetoric… it’s reality. But in that reality there’s a huge mismatch between what GPs are being asked to do and those available to do it.


Something’s got to give.

For 14 years Sesui has been working with GPs and primary care providers to make vital patient connections by putting their communications system in the cloud. GPs are then empowered to achieve a healthy equilibrium – joined-up patient centric care that relieves some of the burden on busy A&E departments, delivered in a way that’s safe, sustainable and that preserves the vital role of the GP for generations to come.

“Having read this report, I recommend colleagues across primary and urgent care spend some time exploring its findings. It resonated with my views on how technology can make a difference in the NHS, especially now when we need it most.”
– Dr Simon Abrams, Chairman Urgent Health UK

Based on research with 101 UK doctors, and in-depth interviews with thought leaders across the NHS, this report discusses how to make work, work for GPs in the face of rising workloads, a chronic GP shortage and mounting reforms. It outlines the transformative role of cloud communications in enabling GPs and clinicians to work remotely, and in joining-up primary care providers to deliver integrated care.

Flexible Working for GPS - Special Report
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