Case Study – Integrated Urgent Care

GP Federation, FedBucks, became the lead provider for the out-of-hours provision across Buckinghamshire, as well as the Urgent Care Centre in High Wycombe, with the new service scheduled for April 2018.

But the timescales for mobilising the new service were already ambitious, and as is so often the case in transformation, time runs away. Christmas came and went, and the team suddenly found themselves with just nine weeks to mobilise a service that would cover a patient population of almost half a million.

How we made the vital connection

Sesui Out-of-Hours Connect allows multiple sites and multi-disciplinary teams to join up through a secure virtual contact centre. FedBucks can now see 111
calls flagged in Adastra, then make a decision to ensure the right clinician, is connected to the right patient, at the right time. It’s nimble, elastic and

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