eBook – How Sesui can help your voluntary organisation

We know you do a great job….
….we also appreciate it’s not easy.

  • Demand is greater than ever before
    Charities are reporting record numbers of calls for help that are pushing them to their limits.
  • Funding is tighter than ever before
    In real terms, government funding grants are half the value they were ten years ago and raising donations is far more competitive.
  • Securing volunteers is a challenge
    In a ‘time poor’ society, finding people with an hour to spare can be difficult. Charities need to be increasingly flexible to
    accommodate volunteers’ availability.

The answer to these challenges is more obvious than you think.

At Sesui we help the voluntary sector to connect more effectively with those who need help, and those who want to help.

Flip through the pages of this book and we’ll explain how we can make your phone transform how you operate – helping more people, raising more funds and attracting more volunteers.

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