5 mistakes no TMC should ever make

Business Travel is a complicated and competitive sector. Web apps, self-serve portals, and market disruptors such as Airbnb and Uber all provide a siren’s call to snare the unwary business travel booker. And with internet pricing so competitive and transparent, is there any hope for Travel Management Companies?

Well yes, we’d like to think there is.

But Travel Management Companies (TMCs) need to fight their corner proactively – leveraging their strengths and demonstrating to current and prospective clients the high level of value they provide.

And much of that value is derived from the one asset that can’t be copied, undercut or replaced. YOUR PEOPLE.

In this document, we identify 5 areas in which Travel Management Companies  run the risk of diluting their USP and explore how the right technology choices can help bring your people to the fore.

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