Q&A with Sam Shah as he joins the Sesui Health Advisory Board

Sam you are a rare combination of clinician and technology leader – what unique insights does that give you? 

As someone who truly understands the day-to-day needs of clinicians throughout the NHS, I have always advocated for technology to not only be well designed but more importantly to meet specific needs. The true test of new digital services in the health sector is whether they are well used – there is no point in designing and building a sleek product if it does not improve the offering to patients. I am passionate that people should always be at the heart of digital development.

With that in mind – what do you make of the rapid adoption of technology within the NHS, and particularly in primary care, during the COVID-19 period?

The pandemic and accompanying lockdown has brought about a rapid acceleration in the adoption of technology – this was already happening of course, but at a much slower and more cautious pace. What will be important going forward is how many patients and clinicians will continue to embrace innovation such as video consultation, and how many will simply revert to more traditional models. The key to encouraging the continuation of adoption will be supporting the very best operators in the space who have a proven track record in terms of reliability, security and the ability to respond quickly to changing needs. 

How did you meet Sesui? 

I met Sesui’s Head of Commercial Oli White at the Urgent Care UK conference three years ago. Oli was interested in my perspectives on the direction of travel for digital within healthcare. It was obvious to me that Sesui were a team who were willing to listen, learn and had great pride in the customer service they delivered – very people orientated. This has become even more evident in Sesui’s approach to tackling the challenges of COVID-19.

You’ve now joined the Sesui Health Advisory board – why did you want to get involved and what do you hope to bring to the table? 

Having observed how Sesui operate for a couple of years now, I have been impressed with their willingness to fully engage with clients – and it is this adaptable approach that makes them an appealing proposition to collaborate with. I know that they will listen to my opinions and welcome my ideas. By bringing the cognitive diversity gained from all my different experiences inside and outside the health sector, I hope that I can help them shape strategy and build relationships with even more key players in the health service. Sesui’s prioritisation of usability, reliability and security whilst maintaining the flexibility to quickly implement change requests when necessary, is also very compatible with my approach to digital healthcare services.

So what do you think the next 12 months will hold and how can Sesui  stand out?

The landscape may change over the coming year, but there are three constant needs in healthcare which will always remain the same – clinical, emotional and practical. It is key that digital solutions recognise those fundamentals and that services are designed with them at the core.

Different regions will also have different needs, there can not and should not be a “one size fits all” approach. Sesui’s ability to create bespoke services, maintain client focus, and their flexibility to tailor existing products, should give them a significant advantage going forward.

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