Achieving a Better Work-Life Balance

Watch how Sesui Connect creates greater flexibility for workers in healthcare to connect with their patients, while improving their work-life balance.

Connecting your agents with the Communities they serve

Sesui Connect provides you with the freedom to work where you want to, and crucially when and where users need you. Calls can be made or received securely on any device, at any time, providing you with the same capabilities that you have in the surgery.

By facilitating flexible working, we allow workers to stay close to the users and communities they serve, whilst aligning the hours they work with their own personal needs and those of those depending on them.

Turning Phone Calls Into Video

Often a telephone conversation isn’t enough, and workers need a caller to show them what’s wrong. With Sesui Connect, we make this happen through secure and private video consultations, without the need for either party to travel. With Sesui, workers can even upgrade a phone call to a video consultation mid-call simply by sharing a link with the patient.

This makes it possible for callers to receive the level of support they need faster, and for clinicians to achieve more in their working day.


Recording Every Consultation

With Sesui GP Connect, every call is tracked and managed for clinicians, regardless of their device or location. Calls are then charged back to the practice, so clinicians are never left out of pocket. To make it easier to work alongside other clinicians, calls can also be automatically recorded and integrated into EMIS, and securely accessed over N3/HSCN.

Free Consultation

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