Virtual Contact Centre – public sector

From local government services to Out of Hours urgent care providers – we can design a virtual contact centre that’s the right fit for you. With Sesui Virtual Contact Centre, your teams can deliver a reliable service every time, no matter where they are, or the time of day. Your agents can make and take calls, receive messages, as well as record, store and replay calls from their desktop or mobile device. Plus our smart call routing system makes decisions about how to prioritise calls and the right place to send a caller. It means the people best placed to handle the call, get the call. It’s responsiveness on a whole other level.

Best of all, our virtual contact centre gets all of your people working as a team, wherever they are. You can manage your resourcing more tightly – planning down to the minute of each day. And you can flexibly scale the solution up or down depending on call volumes and demand; so you only pay for the capacity you need. More than that, you get the reassurance of knowing if something does go wrong, disaster recovery can be activated at the click of a button.

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“Sesui offers us the flexibility to test and trial new services without putting our core service at risk. We recently completed a trial to integrate call recording from Sesui Virtual Contact Centre into the Adastra patient management application. Sesui developed the service so that recordings are streamed to LCW, ensuring full regulatory compliance, while giving us instant recording access.”

NHS London Unscheduled Care & 111 Provider LCW
– Conan O’Neil, Operations Director