IP Calling Services – public sector

We know that a public sector calling service is a vital connection that people depend on – not just some of the time, but all of the time. Often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only does it need to be resilient, especially during peak calling times, but it also needs to work in a seamless way, clearly pointing callers in the direction of the help they need. And let’s not forget the changing face of your workforce… they’re in the field and they need to stay connected. We can give you an IP calling system that you, and your callers, can trust.

Using your existing phones and Internet connection, we can overlay our Sesui Cloud Call Manager software and deliver a flexible VoIP calling system. It means your teams can take and manage calls not just from their desk phones, but also with a headset from their computers or directly through the Sesui App on their mobiles, so they can stay connected when working remotely. With one simple web portal to manage your phone system, your teams can also access cutting-edge call functionality, from skills-based routing, call queuing and secure call recording, to messaging and real-time call statistics. Vital, so that you can react when you need to.

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“Sesui Call Manager’s diverse and flexible routing has given us an extremely resilient system where the calls are directed to the most appropriately skilled agent based on a variety of criteria relevant to us, for example, the patient’s profile or the priority of the call. This sort of resilience is imperative for a 111 provider.”

David Archer,
Chief Executive Officer
at Herts Urgent Care