Disaster recovery – public sector

When your team can’t answer the phones, or you experience an unforeseen surge in demand – we’ve got you covered. There will always be times when things go wrong. The ‘what ifs?’. What if it snows or floods and your people can’t get to work? What if the carrier lines fail or your building is damaged and you’re cut off from the world? What if the worst happens and you face a huge surge in demand? We can help you build a disaster recovery plan for your cloud communications for when the ‘what ifs?’ strike. Or if you’re facing a worst-case scenario right now, call us and we’ll help get you up and running again:

With the simple click of a button or text to us:

  • Your customer calls can be rerouted – even using CLI to direct specific callers through the queue
  • A pre-recorded message can be turned on and updated via text or email
  • Your employees can continue to work wherever they are using the Sesui web portal or mobile app
  • You can switch site locations to your pre-planned back-up location (in the event of catastrophic failure)

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“It’s fair to say that the Sesui platform has greatly improved the patient experience. Our five practices are now inter-connected through the cloud, giving us the option of three-way conversations between patient, operator and doctor (on their mobile). It means our patients get even quicker access to our clinicians. We’re able to better use our central resources, and Sesui’s helped avert crises by allowing us to manage calls when the main carrier lines fail. So our patients always get seamless access without interruptions.”

Suresh Vaghela, GM,
Jai Medical Centre.