Caller Customer Insight – private sector

You already hold a lot of valuable customer data – data that could provide huge insights not only into what your customers want, but whether your business is doing all that it can to give them a great experience. But this sort of “big data” can be difficult to get to, not only because it’s locked inside your communications system, but because it needs to be organised in order to reveal the right insights. Sesui Cloud Call Manager can help you do that, by capturing every connection you make with your customers and revealing it through our reporting tool.

We’ll work with you to design tailor made reports as well as provide 10 relevant pre-configured reports. Once our reports are in place, the real-time call statistics will show you exactly what’s going on so you can quickly respond. Rather than looking at lots of fragmented data, you get the big picture; an aggregated view of how your customers are engaging with you. You’ll see not only what you’re doing well, but also where you need to work harder. For instance, identifying missed revenue opportunities, like abandoned calls, or fine-tuning your resourcing.

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“We have a Dutch saying ‘meten is wetende’, which translates as ‘measuring is knowing’. So if you start measuring your calls and your abandoned call rate, you can act on it. We know the customer is really happy with the contact and support they get from us. There are no complaints – it all works pretty smoothly!”

Timothy Raemdonck
Technical Services Manager
– Brady EMEA