Business continuity

Most companies have plans in place to protect their IT services when disaster strikes. But the same consideration isn’t always given to voice communications. There will always be situations outside your control; things that may damage your building or cables, make it difficult for your employees to get to their normal place of work, or mean that your customers urgently need your help. When your team can’t answer the phones, or you experience an unforeseen surge in demand – we’ve got you covered.

We can build a business continuity plan for your voice communications as part of Sesui Call Manager. Initiated with the simple click of a button or text to us:

  • Your customer calls can be rerouted – even using CLI to direct specific callers through the queue
  • A pre-recorded message can be turned on and updated via text or email
  • Your employees can continue to work wherever they are using the Sesui web portal or mobile app
  • You can switch site locations to your pre-planned back-up location (in the event of catastrophic failure)

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“OHES Environmental operates a 24-7 emergency advice line for our clients, so it’s critical callers can always get through. Sesui supplies a level of reliability that means we are confident of always receiving those calls and meeting our clients’ needs in providing the advice needed.”

OHES Environmental
Bill Atkinson
– Chief Scientific Advisor