Our Solutions

When it comes to cloud communications, we’re the problem solving experts. The more complicated the better. We shine when the outcome is vital, not only for the customers you serve, but in keeping your business running smoothly. Taking care of your call connection so you can take care of the things that matter most.

We don’t sell modular, off the shelf solutions. We take the time to understand what’s going on and design solutions that are right for you. Not only sorting out the roadblocks you can see, but also revealing a world of opportunities that you hadn’t considered and didn’t even know were possible. The unforeseen and the impossible are just the sort of problems we love to take on.

Our reputation for solving complex problems means we’re selected by clients across the private and public sector. From retail, financial services and travel, to local authorities, service providers, the NHS 111 and urgent care providers. We’re trusted when it’s vital that your customers’ calls get through.

Private sector

Helping you deliver a great customer experience. When your customers need to get through, your voice communications have to be up to the job. If they’ve got a problem or are ready to purchase and can’t make an easy connection with you, then you’ve failed them. We can help you make those vital connections in a way that’s not only more responsive and engaging for your customers, but more flexible and profitable for your business.

“Our focus is on optimising our resources to deliver an exceptional service for our client Smeg. The Sesui team has helped us identify opportunities to extend our offer by using Sesui Virtual Contact Centre to improve the service, without changing our resourcing levels.”

Servevast – Ian Pritchard
General Manager


Public sector

You can depend on us. You need voice communications that you can rely on, not just some of the time, but all of the time. Our public sector solutions go far beyond making and taking calls. We can help free up your workforce so they’re not longer constrained to a single office location. Let’s get them on the move, serving the communities where they’re most needed. Our Sesui Virtual Contact Centre, with intelligent call routing, means every call gets through.

“When procuring new or existing services, public sector organisations should consider and fully evaluate potential cloud solutions first before considering any other option.”

UK Government Cloud First Policy