VoIP Cloud – GP Secure

Traditionally GP telephony has been locally managed, requiring the maintenance, configuration and management of a physical box (PBX) at every practice.

With greater demands being placed on GP Practices, a shift to a flexible VoIP Cloud telephony solution will:

  • Remove all physical call records/recordings from the site – de-risking the site facility for GDPR, Compliance and Data Protection
  • Record all calls on a NHS N3/HSCN accredited network – adding protection for staff from false liability claims
  • Enable GPs to take patient calls from any location – Home, Surgery or On the Road – extending scarce GP time for patient care and improving Work/Life balance.

With Sesui it’s a simple 3 step process to deploy:

  1. Work with a Sesui Service Manager to configure unique call routing and queuing plans in the Sesui Cloud Call Manager,
  2. Connect the Sesui Cloud to the practise through a dedicated broadband connection,
  3. Plug-in our pre-configured CISCO VoIP handsets into your existing practice network.

See how we transformed a North London GP Practice with Sesui VoIP Cloud – GP Secure. Jai Medical Case Study.

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