Cloud reporting

With every call activity recorded as standard, we offer real-time call statistics (who’s online, who’s available, agent KPIs etc) so you can respond quickly when you need to. We can work with you to design tailor made reports, as well as provide 10 relevant pre-configured reports. Once in place, you’ll get an aggregated view of how your customers are engaging with you, rather than needing to analyse lots of fragmented data. And because you can cut the data in different ways – for example call length, agent performance, or abandoned calls – you’ll see not only what you’re doing well, but also where you need to work harder. Popular functions include: geographic mapping, which shows where the callers are located; agent highlighted calls; and graphics demonstrating trends and performance in a simple and easy to interpret format.

See how we can integrate Sesui Cloud Call Manager into your business. Download Sesui Cloud Call Manager Datasheet.