Call Recording

Our sophisticated call recording means that a call will be recorded from the moment it’s accepted. This feature is available by number, service or agent, and can be set on a percentage basis if you only require a sample of call recordings. Call recording can also be set on an elective basis if you want to give your agents the ability to turn it on and off as needed, or to activate retrospective call recovery. If turned on before a call ends, retrospective call recovery allows you to capture a whole call, which is invaluable should a call involve sales, a complaint, legal terms, or if it has become abusive. Agents can also elect to highlight these calls in the management system generating customised reports for performance and customer insight reporting.

The capture, storage and accessibility of call recordings conforms with the current UK Data Protection regulation, the pending GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation from May 2018) and sector specific regulatory conditions that may currently apply. Importantly, recordings are:

  • Kept confidential through strict adherence to information security and information governance policies and procedures;
  • Not modified at any stage to maintain the integrity of the captured data and information; and
  • Available and retrievable in real-time or in archive, to ensure compliance with data subjects rights.

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