Call Queuing

When your customers join a call queue, you can provide: music; queue position; expected wait time; and call back functionality.

Based on the skillset of your resources, the Sesui Cloud Call Manager then makes decisions about the best way to distribute the calls. Thanks to the allocation of primary, secondary and tertiary agent ratings (based on factors such as language and skillset) the people best placed to handle the call, get the call.

Caller distribution is then managed based on: the longest idle; cycled through the team; concurrent ringing; or linear to the next free agent. Additionally, scored queuing can be used for VIP customers, using a weighted score to determine their place in the queue, based on: the number they’ve dialled; how long they’ve been on hold; and their CLI (mobile and landline).

The Agent Management feature enables agents to log busy time away from callers (ie for post call management, breaks or training). These busy times are fed into your Call Distribution plans to ensure calls are answered as effectively as possible.

You can override any of these options and select a call at any time using the Call Pick-Up function.

See how we can integrate Sesui Cloud Call Manager into your business. Download Sesui Cloud Call Manager Datasheet.