Onwards and upwards for Sesui

This year has been an exciting time for Sesui with new products being launched, awards wins for Sesui’s innovative technology platform and new employees coming on board to add an extra dimension to Sesui’s ability to engage, manage and service its clients.

As the year progressed, the market began to catch on to the Cloud as the adoption of these technologies increased. New companies started to recognise the benefits of the Cloud over an on-site setup, not least location independent secure access, an immediately scalable infrastructure and continuous service continuity. Throughout the year, we’ve also seen customers expand their solution across their own organisation and add further functionality to enhance the service they provide to their customer base.

Flexible working continued to dominate the landscape and Sesui added further technology options with the launch of THE Sesui iApp, a mobile app that delivers the most important contact centre functionality right to your phone, across both iOS and Android supported platforms. Followed in October with Sesui’s SalesForce Click-to-Call integration, which provides Sesui customers with the ability to make phone calls, via the Sesui platform, directly from the SalesForce record.

As the focus on product and technology continued to grow within Sesui, the technical team expanded with Philip Misra coming on board in April to take the reins of the internal IT function.

In October, Sesui was also joined by Julian Sammells, an experienced Sales lead who joined from Eptica, a global provider of multichannel customer interaction software, where he led their expansion into the UK. Julian has joined the Sesui team to head up Sales and will be focusing his time on business development and expanding Sesui’s presence in the market, whilst ensuring that Sesui can continue to innovate around our customers’ contact centre requirements.

As we see out the year, we’d like to thank our customers for their continued support and input into the technology development and product roadmap – here’s to an even more prosperous 2016 for all!

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