OK, I’m thinking of something orange and small…

Got your attention? Great. Read on…

15 years ago Sesui cloud communications was born. In the same year, Finding Nemo was top of the box office, Schwarzenegger became the Governator and we were all falling over ourselves to own a Nokia 3200. On reflection, just two of these things still seem like a good idea. Finding Nemo is still a fantastic film and Sesui is still making vital connections – and getting noticed for it.

We’ve all read the sobering statistics – only 30% of businesses survive the 10-year mark. There are any number of reasons why these businesses slowly fizzle out, but as most tech leaders would agree, the one factor that keeps us awake at night is the idea of being out-competed. That’s why Manveer leads our technology team to innovate our product Sesui Call Manager and then innovate some more. And why Lee’s continually working with our clients to innovate its application. How can we do things differently? How can we challenge the status quo?

The upshot of all of this is that we’re winning new business. And when we do, we come up with new and exciting applications for our solutions. And when we do that, every one of our clients benefit from what we’ve learned. We’ve started telling these stories and it’s no coincidence that we’ve also started winning awards.

In a little over six months, we’ve won a hat trick of awards for innovation, starting with Best Cloud Telephony Product at the 2017 Computing Excellence Awards. We then beat off the big players and became Cloud Service Provider of the Year at the 2018 UK Cloud Awards. Now most recently, we went through a rigorous judging process to be named the CIS Technology Excellence winner at the 2018 Oxfordshire Business Awards. All of this on the back of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation – the most prestigious award a UK company can win.

All of this makes us very, very proud. It not only benchmarks us against the industry’s best and puts us firmly on top, but it also sends a bold signal to everyone we do business with, and everyone we want to do business with. What we do makes a real difference.

And that thing that’s orange and small? Well it’s Nemo of course.

We connect people to organisations when it’s critical they get through… from healthcare and travel, to business and industry and the voluntary sector. If you’d like to learn more about our award winning cloud communications solutions, or chat about the best bits in Nemo (we love Bruce the shark), get in touch on 03445 600 600.

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