NHS experts recommend flexible working through the cloud to reduce NHS pressures

The “winter crisis” is once again front-page news. But for all the heart wrenching stories – the reams and reams of bad news – our hardworking NHS teams still get out of bed every day and head to work. Into that pressure cooker environment that’s at best described as “unprecedented”, at worst, like a “warzone”. We can’t all do what our NHS teams do, but we can all recognise them and show our appreciation. And that’s why hashtags like #thanksnhsstaff are gaining momentum. But even more than saying thanks, at Sesui we also want to be part of the solution.

We’ve spent the best part of 14 years working with teams across the NHS to explore how cloud technology can transform ways of working and ultimately provide a better patient journey. As part of this work, last Wednesday we were very fortunate to be joined by a number of senior NHS figures to discuss how the cloud could help alleviate current pressures and be a catalyst for real and lasting change. You can tune into the roundtable discussion hosted by former London Tonight report Emma Walden with NHS Director of Digital Development Dr Sam Shah, GP and founder of the DocAbode platform Dr Taz Aldawoud, Chair of Urgent Health UK Dr Simon Abrams, our very own MD Mr Lee Bryant at www.sesui.com/healthcare. We were also fortunate to have contributions on the day from CEO of Digital Health Enterprise Zone Mr Ian Sharp and advisor on urgent healthcare Mr Mark Cockerton.

The short films capture these expert views on using cloud technology to build clinical capacity, match clinical skills with demand, address the GP shortage through remote working and tailor and improve patient services, all the while dramatically improving data and compliance. Many of these senior figures have also contributed to a Special Report on the subject: ‘Flexible working for a 24/7 NHS’ available for free at www.sesui.com/healthcare.

Dr Simon Abrams, Chair of Urgent Health UK summed it up best… “This [the cloud] is about modern healthcare. Making sure the right clinician is facing the right patients and dealing with the right problem. No doubt that will improve morale within the health service, but it will also make all forms of clinicians more comfortable that they’re doing the right job and not having their time wasted or capacity challenged. I think it’s very exciting.”

We’re focussed on helping empower GPs and clinicians to achieve a healthy equilibrium – joined-up patient-centric care that relieves some of the burden on busy A&E departments, delivered in a way that’s safe, sustainable and that preserves the vital role of the GP for generations to come. For more on the topic, tune into us at www.sesui.com/healthcare or follow the conversation on Twitter at Sesui_ltd or Linkedin Sesui-ltd. We’d love to hear your view.

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