Rolling the Sesui app out to your users couldn’t be simpler – they simply download the app from the relevant app store, tap in their username, password and the organisation’s caller ID and they’re ready to go. Wherever you and your staff might be, the Sesui app takes your contact centre with you.

  • Insurance against unplanned outages – use the app to route calls to any phone when emergencies mean staff can’t get to their desks
  • Fully secure – all calls pass through the Sesui hosted network (used and trusted by many NHS services)
  • Centralised billing – all call costs are centralised, not charged to mobile bills
  • Protect employee numbers and retain brand credibility – customers see your organisation caller ID, not their mobile/home phone number.


The Sesui Mobile App is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. For more about how to equip your users with the app, visit our website.

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