How Millennial GPs could revolutionise healthcare

The challenges facing General Practitioners today are well documented, but could changing expectations of technology be starting to make life easier?

A recent survey investigated how millennial GPs could be key to reversing the trend. As early adopters of digital technologies such as mobile phones and the internet, millennials see digital technology as the way forward. This podcast from 3 Monkeys Zeno explores some of the key findings of the research and points to some of the main ways that technology is helping to overcome the biggest challenges of the GP profession.

At Sesui, we are well aware that the NHS is under tremendous pressure, but this podcast highlights how much strain individual GPs are under. According to the research, 1500 GPs have quit since 2014; due to the large numbers of GPs leaving the profession, the remaining practitioners are dealing with 125 extra patients on average. As a result, many GPs are limited to only 10 minutes for each patient consultation, but with each patient waiting up to several weeks for an appointment, they often present several issues. GPs cite the limited time allowed for patient consultation as a key challenge to developing the personal, trusting relationship that is needed to deliver the best quality care to patients.

The podcast suggests mobile phone technology and video consultation tools are already helping GPs to streamline their communication and offer patients easier access to GP services. Phone and video consultation can give patients greater access to their GP, without having to travel to the surgery, and clinicians can fit more appointments into the working day, or even offer out of hours consultation. The challenge here is that the technology required can be complex, requiring for both the practitioner and the patient to download specific apps in order to connect. This has led to some GPs trialling third-party services that deliver a full video consultation service to their patients; the downside of this, apart from the cost, is that patient care becomes disjointed and we fail to achieve the integrated personal care that the NHS is trying to achieve.

At Sesui, we have worked hard to find a solution to these challenges and create a system for practitioners to provide video consultations through simple and intuitive technology. We are working with GP Practices to simplify video consultations, utilising cloud-based technology that does not require the GP nor the patient to install complex software. They simply share a secure, one-time link via email or text, and GPs can seamlessly open up a video link with a patient, even during the course of a phone call. This type of cloud communication allows GPs to offer more flexible services at the same time as providing a more secure, integrated patient experience. Through their acceptance of cloud solutions, millennial GPs may hold the key to increasing adoption of the kinds of technology that saves money and time while improving patients’ access to primary care.

Listen to the full podcast here: (Run time: 14.19)

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