With the adoption of Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool across organisations, Sesui wanted to simplify how calls are made and received with our MS Teams integration, removing the need for a VoIP handset.

Rolling out the Sesui MS Teams integration to your employee couldn’t be simpler – using their existing username and password, they are immediately ready to go. Wherever your staff might be, they can be contacted through MS Teams licence from any phone.

Benefits include:

  • Less to log in to– Just log in to MS Teams to make and receive calls
  • Security and Governance – All calls can be logged, recorded and centrally reported
  • Everyone can contact your staff – Give out a regular 0203 number for contacts to reach you on, and your MS Teams app rings
  • Provides DR and supports flexible working – Any call into your organisation’s 0800, 0345, etc. numbers can be routed to anyone, in any location.



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