Meet Wayne Llewellyn – Specialist Clinical Director

Wayne Llewellyn is the newest member of the team and Sesui’s first Specialist Clinical Director.

We had a chat to him about his life, career, and what motivated him to join the company.

Hi Wayne – you are a qualified physiotherapist – what led you to the profession?

I was born in Pembrokeshire, and you can’t grow up in Wales without playing Rugby at some point! I was no different, developing a passion for the game, and all sport from a very early age. I studied sports science for my first degree, and physiotherapy for my second. My first job was in a specialist clinic in Brighton, treating sports injuries but also the elderly – it gave me a great grounding in musculoskeletal care for a wide range of people.

What was your next move?

After three years on the South coast I moved to London to work at DJ Naylor and Associates. Dale Naylor’s practice treated individuals but was also moving into corporate healthcare with a significant contract to care for the employees of the Post Office. I spent 5 years working alongside Dale, expanding the business to include partnerships with gyms and other corporate clients.

When did you transition from practicing physio to a business development role?

Whilst working at DJ Naylor I saw first hand the potential of physio in the work place, and just how many companies needed this specialist help. It was an eye- opener for me as to how my clinical skills and understanding could really add value in developing relationships with large organisations and corporations. Along with Raphael Leal, another colleague, I left and set up a business called Premier Physical Healthcare, with the intention of  identifying important new partnerships with both the public and private sectors.

What did that experience teach you?

I gained a wealth of experience working in the public sector – especially the NHS and the prison service. I began to see myself as a medical businessman, weighing up the challenges and ethics of private companies working within the NHS. It gave me a new perspective and a huge amount of contacts in the health service. It also taught me just how tricky people management can be!

How did you hear about Sesui?

I met Oli White, Sesui’s Head of Commercial, through one of my contacts who had spotted the shared interests we had. I had been wanting to develop a digital physio system for a while but hadn’t been able to identify a company offering comprehensive telephony and video services that were secure enough to meet the stringent requirements in healthcare. As soon as Oli described Sesui’s capabilities to me I knew I had found a unique product with huge potential to improve provision.

How do you think your clinical expertise will benefit Sesui and their customers?

With a clinical background, I can speak the language of medical professionals and genuinely understand the challenges and frustrations they face. Its much easier to create solutions when you totally understand the problem. After two decades in this sphere – I also have an extensive list of contacts and friends who can offer me lots of great insights and plenty of ideas.

Where do you hope Sesui will be in 5 years’ time?

I wholeheartedly believe that Sesui has a completely unique product and one that will really enhance services and facilitate a brand new way of working in both the NHS and other sectors. The remote security already built into the system should allow Sesui to move quickly, and seize the opportunities that the new decade presents. I can’t believe that more health professionals don’t know about them and I really hope that in 5 years time I have helped that change.

Tell us one thing about Wayne Llewellyn that might surprise your new colleagues….

 I treated Baby Spice Emma Bunton whilst she was filming the Spice World movie, thus gaining the nickname “Physio Spice”!

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