Meet the team – Paul O’Hanlon

It’s an exciting time at Sesui with international expansion on the horizon and a growing team to match.

Our Business Development Manager, Paul O’Hanlon, is the newest addition to the Sesui family and already proving himself as a driving force for business growth.

We sat down and had a chat with Paul to find out what drew him to Sesui, what he’s looking forward to bringing to the business and what he plans to achieve while here.   Without further ado, meet Paul!

So, Paul, what experience do you bring to your role at Sesui?

My career in sales started 13 years ago; I was a car salesman and worked within various car dealerships for around six years. I then moved into the IT space and joined an SME that worked with contact centres to provide secure recording equipment for payments taken over the phone. The product was developed into a service that was one of the first on the market to allow card numbers to be entered via a phone’s keypad.

I was actually also one of the first to sell that product on a global scale, which was a huge achievement for me personally, but also for the business – it was a huge step. Over time, I took on various roles within project management and sales and, in October 2016, I joined Sesui to apply my experience and help grow the company.

And what was it about Sesui that attracted you to this particular role?

So, initially, it was the concept of the company. With my background knowledge of phone systems along with my love of sales, it definitely felt like a gravitational pull for me. I had a chat with Julian, the Head of Sales, which revealed the family ethos of the business and the strong focus placed on creating lasting customer relationships.

Sesui isn’t just selling an off-the-shelf product; it’s offering a service. The team really listen to customers and their needs and then create a totally bespoke system that ticks every box and more! It’s a totally unique way of selling and I’m really enjoying seeing the benefits of it.

Finally, what are your business goals for 2017?

Ultimately, my goal is to help Sesui continue raising its profile as the pioneer and industry leader it is. I’d like to help exceed our expectations and I believe that it’s the sales team that can drive this. Our technology is already head and shoulders above our competitors, but while our team grows, it’s important that we remain smarter about how we distribute our time and resources.

We need to ensure we continue our focus on creating great relationships with our existing and future customers to offer them more than just a product. We actually have two really exciting opportunities in the pipeline at the moment that could be a pivotal point for us this year. Without sounding too cliché, this year is all about creating a cloud of opportunities!


Paul is dedicating himself to our cause of creating an experience that positions Sesui as an extension of our customers’ business – for a tailored solution that really is the perfect fit. Is your business looking for a truly bespoke, scalable and intelligent telephony system? Get in touch today and see how our team can help!

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