Our MD, Lee Bryant, features in Comms Business!

Since the call logging applications of years past, communications management products have evolved rapidly and, with the increased use of Cloud deployment, systems today are currently undergoing the next phase of their development. In a special Market Report on the subject, Comms Business spoke to the Managing Director of Sesui, Lee Bryant, for some industry insight!

Extra’ features

The two main differences when comparing the call loggers of yesteryear with today’s call management applications are the additional features available within platforms and the high volumes of data they are now able to store, explains Lee.

For example, rather than simply joining the end of a call queue and waiting their turn, callers can now benefit from flexible call back options made available to organisations via today’s call management applications. Systems in the Cloud provide even greater flexibility, retaining a caller’s number in the queue and calling them back once the agent is available.

Threshold alerts, multi-level routing and secure call recording are just some of the other ‘extra’ features available via the Cloud that Lee highlights in the report.


It is becoming increasingly more commonplace for call management products to be integrated with other applications. Integration with contact centres and their features, for example, is on the up; without the measures and controls that can be put in place through integration and Cloud services, there wouldn’t be the opportunity for overseas contact centres, or the strides in virtual contact centre capabilities that have developed as a result.

Perhaps the biggest area we can see integration, however, is with other business applications. For instance, in the healthcare space, explains Lee, call management solutions can be integrated with clinical patient management solutions to store call information as part of a patient’s records.

Business data

The high volume of data now available via Cloud-based call management applications can be used throughout an organisation to provide greater insight into the business and drive far more informed decision-making.

For some real world examples of how, information on additional features, or for Lee’s top tips on demonstrating the value of communications management, don’t miss the June issue of Comms Business, which you can register to access, here!

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