Availability Across Every Channel

If a customer emails you rather than calls, it doesn’t mean their need is less important.

While telephony may be what Sesui excels at, we know there’s more to customer communication than phone and Video. That’s why we integrate with email, and with Microsoft Teams to remove the complexity multiple queues and systems for each communications channel. That means your staff can be both responsive and consistent across all channels – prioritising what the customer needs rather than how they reached out.

Connecting The Customer Journey

Customers don’t only focus on one communications channel. Instead, today’s customers select channels based on their needs, and what’s most convenient at that moment in time.

We show your agents every step of the customer journey, by managing every customer interaction within the Sesui cloud, and joining them all up for a more personal customer experience.

Enabling international support

Customer care is a round-the-clock, round-the-planet job, but with Sesui Cloud telephony that needn’t be an obstacle. Intelligent routing enables you to connect customers to the most relevant agents based on their timezone, territory, and language spoken, without the need to invest in overseas call centres.

“Using cloud-based communications has given us the flexibility to grow the business into new territories in a very low risk way. In the initial expansion stage, we can service customers in their own language”

Brady Corporation
(A global leader in safety, identification, and compliance solutions)

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