Making The Right Connections

For your customer, their experience starts when they dial your number. How long they wait, the complexity of voice menus, and who they’re connected to, all determine just how good their experience is and, by extension, how long their relationship with you could last.

Sesui Agent Connect puts you in control of this experience, as you manage and monitor every step of the customer journey. We allow you to draw on everything known about the caller to intelligently connect them to the right agent at the first attempt, enable flexible rerouting to remote teams, and if callers do have to queue, we use intelligent announcements and self-service options to ease the pain.

Efficient Service

When dealing with customer calls, the last thing that agents want are systems that slow them down and distract them from the conversation at hand.

We build smart features that help agents take, make and collaborate on customer calls. And we make them an intuitive and seamless part of their desktop. Customer information and system access is presented with the call, equipping your agents with everything they need to efficiently deal with enquiries and provide a more personal service.

And this doesn’t just benefit the customer – Without the constraints of geography, the
customer service team has the flexibility to take on more diverse and more satisfying roles, with a more evenly distributed workload and a better work-life balance.

Insight & Control

We give you the big picture, and the detail, so you’re always in control.

Our real time statistics give up-to-the-second live reports so your supervisors not only better support your agents, but can quickly act to manage call flows and stay on top of volumes. You can see wait times, call durations and even listen to calls, so you have the visibility and agility to react – adjusting queue announcement, rebalancing resources and changing call distribution rules.

At a management reporting level, we’ll work with you to design tailor made reports as well as 10 preconfigured reports so you can report against client SLAs, seeing your stats on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. And whether your team are making and receiving calls from deskphones, or mobile, using a soft[hone or Microsoft Teams, Sesui pulls all the call information together into a single view of every customer interaction, irrespective of device or channel.

Free Consultation

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